Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's 23 August, 2005, and this is the first post for Blogu i Peshkatarit (Peshkatari's Blog). This blog will, like many, deal with my thoughts and feelings about a lot of things that have happened, are happening, or are likely to happen in my life. But more than that, it will also serve as a clearing house of information (as well as my opinions) on things of interest to the community that I have become an adopted member of over the years (sort of a "blood brother", if you will), the Albanian community.

Now as to why I've managed to become a member of an ethnic community that, AFAIK, I have no blood ties to in my ancestry, how it all happened, and what it all means, welllll....all I'll say for now is that you'll have to stay tuned, as I will try to explain (for the umpteenth time! LOL) how it all came about, and what it all means to me.


Blogger tsduff said...

Looking forward to your posts. My sister and her family are currently in Tirana where they have lived for 10 years as missionaries. I went over there once myself, and was so surprised to see how warm and loving the people there are. The country is beautiful.

11:19 AM  

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